Hello new recruit and welcome to Dinosaur Cowboys! This post will go over all the expectations and requirements for our guild.


Just like any other guild with a restricted schedule we expect you to have a good attitude while you are in the guild and during raid hours. We expect you to be able to take critisism well and improve yourself from it. As a trial there is no guarantee that you will get to get pulls during progression time especially on later bosses so we do expect you to be able to be on the bench and watch streams etc. so you know what you are doing if/when we bring you in. Keep in mind we do specifically recruit for the bench and you were not recruited to sit the bench but it is required that you do be on the bench occassionally. That being said we do like to keep it light hearted and joking around during farm or during off nights if we are doing something but during progression we keep it serious and serious minded.

Since we are a 2 night guild good attendence is absolutely neccessary for you to pass your trial. We require you to have at least 90% attendance to all raids during and beyond your trial. If you are going to miss a raid for whatever reason then please put a post in this forum that has a title with the dates and please explain why you will be missing or late from the raid. We do want you to be able to attend every raid possible since if you miss a raid during the week then that is half of the week gone wether it be farm or progression. Here are our rules for missing raid. Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 7-11PM Server time (CST).

Being a trial we expect you to be able to perform at the best of your ability since passing your trial depends partly on your performance (DPS, HPS, Mechanics). During a trial period and beyond you will be expected to do research and read up on the forums since we do post matierial and the strat we will be using before we get to the bosses. You will be expected to come in to raid prepared to do mechanics and learn quickly to adapt to them.

Required Addons:
- Exorsus Raid Tools
- DBM or Big Wigs
- Weak Auras 2 (used occasionally for specific bosses)

Forum Links:
- Missing Raid Policy
- Missing In Action Forum

Once again, welcome to Dinosaur Cowboys! Please feel free to contact any of the officers with any questions you have.