Loot Rules

ANTORUS Loot sheet link: Sheet
TOS Loot sheet link: Sheet

Hello Mythic Raiders!

I’m going to attempt to explain how the loot system will work for us this tier. Please feel free to contact Thiich prior to raid, or after raid with any questions (asking as we are doing LC on an item isn’t ideal).

Firstly – We ARE a Loot Council

That means: Thiich, Rufis, Snip and sometimes 1 raider (player of the week type reward). Will decide who wins the item. Everything I list/explain after this point should be viewed as accounting notes and tracking to help us consider the best person for that item. Nothing 100% guarantees you will win an item (this isn't a DKP, auction, etc). This is a loot council first and foremost. The one rando

That being said, the following Loot sheet link: Sheet
is what you should use to confirm the items you submitted on your BiS lists are entered correctly and up to date (any conflicts please contact Thiich on the forum post about loot sheets for a change). This link is the main resource we will use while we discuss loot council. This will also be the main source we use for tracking and keeping an account of how we distribute the loot throughout the tier.

I will first explain how the H/L bidding works, and will then explain how the loot sheet should be read.

Currently we use RCLootCouncil add-on to streamline this process, please download it. If there are any issues with that addon we will default to the old system described below.

High/Low bidding

Firstly—we are a loot council, and this is for accounting purposes and should not be viewed as a 100% guaranteed way to get an item. With that being understood I am going to refer to your H/L usage as bids.

When an item you want drops you will link what you're currently using in raid chat followed by an H or an L.

The purpose of the bidding on items is to help us keep track of who within the raid is being given items on priority. That is to say, who is getting their preference on drops, and it helps keep the loot distribution more even. This way the same person should not be getting the first weapon, trinket, or 4-piece to drop.

So—how to use H and L bids.

H – is telling the loot council that you are very interested in this item. You want it over other people who also are interested in it.** Typically this is used on your BiS items or items that will dramatically increase your performance.

L – is telling the Loot council that you want this item as low priority, and do not mind losing it to someone else at all.** Typically this is used on a side-grade or on a slot you’re not as interested in at the moment. The bottom line is—if you use an L, don’t be upset if you lose.

>Example of use:
/rw [Mythic Leather Belt]
/raid Snip: [Current Heroic Belt] H
/raid Nhat: [Current Heroic Belt] H
/raid Rufis [Current Heroic Belt] L

^ Snip and Nhat are telling the loot council that this item is of great interest to them, and they want it over other people who are interested. Rufis is telling the loot council he would only want this item if others don’t need.

An H bid, in general, is valued greater than someone’s L bid. Since this is a loot council we reserve the right to hand out items however we please if we believe it’s of greater benefit to the raid as a whole. Again, this is purely for accounting—not any type of DKP system.

In the example above, if Nhat wins the item, we will track 1 H bid on the loot sheet for him, and everyone will be able to see how many times Nhat was awarded an item on H priority.

A few rules for using H and L.

1.) You get to bid once. You cannot change your bid once you submit it. If you do not bid, we assume it’s a L. To clarify—there is no changing to L after bidding H.

2.) Trials cannot bid H. They always bid L. Once promoted to raider you gain the right to bid H.

The Loot Sheet

The sheet is broken up into many pages. The first few pages labeled: Report Page, Attendance, and Loot Record I'll explain first.

Report Page - This is a summary page. It shows your iLvl, number of high and low bids counted, and total raids attended. Raids attended is counted when we count attendance for the day. Attendance may not be tracked every raid, but will be tracked throughout the tier and will te taken at raid start time 8pm eastern.

Attendance – This is the page where the physical tracking of attendance happens to populate the Report page. You should only see a date and your name here.

Loot Record – This is where we physically track each drop. This page populates the tracking on the report page and each boss’ page. You should see: date, player’s name who won, the item, bid used, and WF/socket/etc. We don’t keep track of WF/Socket/etc on any other page.

Next, you will see pages for each boss this tier. That is more or less the “score card” for that boss. You will see all the items the boss drops (color coded based on role/use), who is interested in each item, who has won the item, and how many bids (H/L) items they have won. When we kill a boss, myself and the other LC members will pull up the “score card” for that boss and reference this when everyone bids for the item. So, when we kill Gorefiend--we will all load up the sheet, and compare who bids on an item vs. who posted the item as their BiS on the sheet.

For example – if Cloak of Insatiable Greed drops and 7 people bid on the item – we will compare those 7 names to the people on the sheet. Avis and Huuluu posted as Cloak of Insatiable Greed as their BiS cloak (or the cloak they prefer to have priority on), and that will help us make our decision among the 7 who bid interest.

So that’s pretty much it. The bidding/sheet might seem a little overwhelming at first, but once you see it in action and get familiar with referencing the sheet you’ll find it rather simple to keep track of and convenient for keeping a tab on your loot and the loot of your fellow raiders.

Please if you have any questions or concerns about how to bid or use the loot sheet—please feel free to contact Nhat directly. I’ll be happy to take time and explain it more clearly for you. Please don’t wait until an item you’re interested in drops to ask how to do this.

Management <3.