Guild Guidelines


Raid Attitude

Just like any other guild with a restricted schedule, we expect you to have a good attitude while you are in the guild and during raid hours. We expect you to be able to take criticism well and improve yourself from it. As a trial there is no guarantee that you will get to get pulls during progression time especially on later bosses so we do expect you to be able to be on the bench and watch streams, so you know what you are doing if/when we bring you in. Keep in mind we specifically recruit to maintain a bench but you were not recruited to sit the bench. It is required that you do be on the bench occasionally. That being said we do like to keep it light hearted and upbeat during farm and during off nights, but during progression we keep it serious and serious minded.


Since we are a 2 night guild, good attendance is absolutely necessary for you to pass your trial. We require you to have at least 90% attendance to all raids during and beyond your trial. If you are going to be late or miss a raid for whatever reason then post the dates and a brief explanation in the discord post-out channel. We want you to be able to attend every raid possible since if you miss a raid during the week then that is half of the week gone whether it be farm or progression. Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 7-11PM Server time (CST) The raid will start forming and clearing trash 30 minutes before that generally.


Being a trial we expect you to be able to perform at the best of your ability since passing your trial depends partly on your performance (DPS, HPS, Mechanics). During a trial period and beyond you will be expected to do research and read up on the strategy channels and watch any relevant videos. You will be expected to come in to raid prepared to do mechanics and learn quickly to adapt to them.

Required Addons

Personal Loot Rules

With the removal of master loot we will be forced to utilize trading and handing out of loot when items are able to be traded. We are fully aware that this structure to loot is not ideal of a mythic raiding guild. Having to “give up” loot that was sent to your bags is not a very warm and fuzzy feeling especially as we get deep into Mythic content and often we will be looking for upgrades of the same iLvl. As a result we are forced to create a system of rules for how we will handle these moments. The rules for our raid will be as follows and apply to everyone:

  1. If an item is trade-able we will Loot council/bid that item out 100% of the time.
  2. Raiders are required to trade the item to Nhatt or to the person the LC directs them to trade it to.
  3. All trades will be directed by the loot council, and raiders are not permitted to make trade decisions among themselves or favor their friends, etc.

  4. Unwillingness to trade of comply with the rules for loot will result in removal from the raid, and possibly removal from the guild.

Hopefully, this all sounds straightforward and agreeable to most as we’ve been living in a mythic raiding guild for many xpacs now. The expansion is new and item increases for the most part are dramatic at this point in time, but as the expansion ages and we move from raid tier to raid tier the increases are less dramatic. It might be the case where we are often all looking for upgrades within the same iLvl, etc. and as a result it is important we all follow the rules listed above. Just because you looted a trade-able item and the other people interested are also of the same ilvl–it does not mean that item is yours. All trade-able items will be distributed by the loot council regardless of who initially picked that item up.

Azerite Loot BiS Lists

Since Azerite gear is going to be trade-able we would like to determine a priority for handing out these items. They will follow all the trade rules outlined above, and utilize our High/Low bidding system, however we live in a world were Blizzard wants you swapping around your azerite pieces per fight. We will give everyone the ability to pick 1 head, 1 shoulder, and 1 chest as their BiS piece from the raid. Since azerite traits are not RNG determined, everyone should be able to decide what pieces from the raid will work best for them. This should help us manage the conflicts of so many different traits that everyone is competing for. Please use your best judgment to determine what is best from the raid for you. We are a competitive guild and your performance matters in many different aspects. If you prioritize AoE traits and then perform lack luster on single target progression fights–don’t be surprised if you are sat.

Please reply to the current tier’s BIS Azerite Armor thread with your best helm/shoulders/chest (include which boss drops the item and the name of the item) and we will add it to a sheet for tracking.

We Use Loot Council

That means: Thiich, The officers, and sometimes 1 raider (player of the week type reward). Will decide who wins the item. Everything I list/explain after this point should be viewed as accounting notes and tracking to help us consider the best person for that item. Nothing 100% guarantees you will win an item (this isn’t a DKP, auction, etc). This is a loot council first and foremost.

High/Low bidding

Firstly—we are a loot council, and this is for accounting purposes and should not be viewed as a 100% guaranteed way to get an item. With that being understood I am going to refer to your H/L usage as bids.

When an item you want drops you will link what you’re currently using in raid chat (or through use of an addon) followed by an H or an L.

The purpose of the bidding on items is to help us keep track of who within the raid is being given items on priority. That is to say, who is getting their preference on drops, and it helps keep the loot distribution more even. This way the same person should not be getting the first weapon, trinket, or 4-piece to drop.

So—how to use H and L bids.

H – is telling the loot council that you are very interested in this item. You want it over other people who also are interested in it.** Typically this is used on your BiS items or items that will dramatically increase your performance.

L – is telling the Loot council that you want this item as low priority, and do not mind losing it to someone else at all.** Typically this is used on a side-grade or on a slot you’re not as interested in at the moment. The bottom line is—if you use an L, don’t be upset if you lose.

>Example of use:

/rw [Mythic Leather Belt]

/raid Snip: [Current Heroic Belt] H

/raid Nhat: [Current Heroic Belt] H

/raid Brothersteak [Current Heroic Belt] L

^ Snip and Nhat are telling the loot council that this item is of great interest to them, and they want it over other people who are interested. Steak is telling the loot council he would only want this item if others don’t need.

An H bid, in general, is valued greater than someone’s L bid. Since this is a loot council we reserve the right to hand out items however we please if we believe it’s of greater benefit to the raid as a whole. Again, this is purely for accounting—not any type of DKP system.

A few rules for using H and L.

1.) You get to bid once. You cannot change your bid once you submit it. If you do not bid, we assume it’s a L. To clarify—there is no changing to L after bidding H.

2.) Trials cannot bid H. They always bid L. Once promoted to raider you gain the right to bid H.

That sums up the rules for our loot system in raid. I will make a separate post with the BiS Azerite armor sheet to be maintained per tier.

Please contact Thiich or any officer with questions related to the loot system.