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Dinosaur Cowboys is a two night progression raiding guild on the Area 52 server. We focus on quality raiding rather than quantity as you can tell by our 2 night a week schedule. We expect our members to review mechanics and do the research needed on off days to make the most of our light schedule.

If you are looking for a guild with a relaxed yet successful raid environment, then Dinosaur Cowboys maybe the right fit for you. We came together from a group of friends scattered across two separate guilds with similar progression. We had an idea that we could create something better and more successful together. All of our members have the same goal in mind; to have fun while still pushing content at a reasonable pace.

As you can gather from our name we like to have fun and keep an upbeat type of atmosphere both in and out of raids. While we do take progression seriously we definitely have our fair share of laughs and general tomfoolery in other aspects of the game.

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