About Us

<Dinosaur Cowboys> is a semi-Hardcore progression raiding guild currently located on Horde Area-52. Our recruitment is currently open and we are looking for qualified individuals to join our core raid team. We are a group composed of ex hardcore raiders, now mostly working professionals that want mythic boss kills but do not want to give up 12-20 hours a week to get them. Most players on our raid team have been playing together for years.

Even though we are primarily a raiding guild, we are also a community of players that frequently play other games beside WoW on off nights. On off nights we also offer sale runs, alt runs, and many M+ Groups. If you are a skilled player not only looking for a raiding guild but also a community then you have found the right place.


  • Progression

    • 8/8 MAzshara's Eternal Palace
      • Abyssal Commander SivaraM
      • Blackwater BehemothM
      • Radiance of AzsharaM
      • Lady AshvaneM
      • OrgozoaM
      • The Queen's CourtM
      • Za'qulM
      • Queen AzsharaM
    • 2/2 HCCrucible of Storms
      • The Restless CabalHC
      • Uu'nat, Harbinger of the VoidHC
    • 9/9 MBattle of Dazar'alor
      • Champion of the LightM
      • Grong, the Jungle LordM
      • Jadefire MastersM
      • Opulence Treasure GuardianM
      • Conclave of the ChosenM
      • King RastakhanM
      • High Tinker MekkatorqueM
      • Stormwall BlockadeM
      • Jaina ProudmooreM


Past Progression

Tier 17

  • Imperator Mar’gok: US 262
  • Blakhand: US 372

Tier 18

  • Archimonde: US 247

Tier 19

  • Xavius: US 318
  • Helya: US 284
  • Gul’dan: US 315
Tier 20

  • Kil’Jaeden: US 154

Tier 21

  • Argus: US 232

Tier 22

  • G’huun: US 236
  • Jaina: US 198